Yung Joey – Turnt Up 歌詞 (Ft. Frenchie 2 Famous)

The mixtape general nigga
Pop on bottles in the club super turnt up
And them models show them ..his super turnt up
..down full if bottle maybe you should follow
And the money like the .. super turnt up
Super turnt up, super turnt up
Super turnt up baby super turnt up
Life style full of bottle lay you should follow
And i’m .. super turnt up
I can be your super man super turnt up
In that … that Christmas .. uh
Sometimes feel like you ..turnt up
To high too high too hot I’ve got my let go
Yellow stones these ..
I know you see me ice down on TV
But don’t watch ‘cause they’re tryin to beat me
But the niggas slow it down down now way the girls go down on me
She spin it like an helicopter when i’m ..she rescues me
..turnt up .. nigga in the VIP
Kush on kush racks on racks the girls on me
I can be your super man way too turnt up
Way too turnt up ..indeed a couple nigga
Uh what a shame on you ..wish ..
I’ll be ..drunk ‘cause i got camera telephone
When i’m in the club ..p**sy ..with that Rose
No stood made my coop man
Can’t feelin my a ..let me wave babe


- スポンサーリンク -