Yung Joey – Shopaholic 歌詞 (Ft. Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane & Bobby V)

Double problem she got a shottin problem
I’m like a p**sy shopper so win a couple problem
I’m an ice .. make it talk about it
She got this tangle bottle, down she’s so say a walker
We shop in Marocco, i took her to the bide
Lil mama stupid fly so tell em what you like
I ..liek to .,.my money stupid thick
‘cause my money super diet ..keep it quiet
I make the call me daddy that ..daddy abby
And she love daddy club, daddy gonna keep on hatin
Yeah yeah they hatin baby, they wanna trade places
I call her six a lady she call me Gucci baby
2 x Hook:
She got .. she got a shopa problem
That girl is shopaholic yeah
She know the missin bottles
Yeah you got a Gucci baddest
She got a Louie problem
She got a shopping problem
That girl is shopaholic yeah
Y’all i’ma need the couple little benzes
I’ll be pain and spin the benzeses
Gucci y’all my .. my lever so sensitive
Swatch my nine to clock i wanna shop
Make it ..look it all these who’s ..on the beach
In the middle all ..cucci
I’m the I’m the best ask Kelly
Sorry daddy that cost not ..
I need the limit the maces the real big faces
Hoes in the hood say Nicky Minaj .. so i keep a couple bullshits
[2 x Hook:]
Suit me playin on the slow V
..republic sayin B Gucci Louie Prada ..Dolce and Gabana
As long as I’m .. do it in the Hummer truck
When you ride you aint’ never stuck
He gotta be honestly the ..
‘cause he shoppin don’t stopping me
See no black card all i know is .. cups my
God damn i love them haters and ..sort of ..


- スポンサーリンク -