Yung Joey – I Love The Money 歌詞 (Ft. Yung Bruno)

I told you the money don’t stop
Tell the love for nothing
I got muscle ..
We do that young Joey ..
Bone the .. party on the weekends
Cool party call name but the party ..
Every color spectral rare bone yellow bone
Name rare benz like the mother f*cking telephone
..thing sipping .. next flip on tick i’m bout
..banks STEVIE WONDER shopping and i see dash
The rif for the mother f*cking benz
Number high five for the mother f*cking ..
So now when i pull up in that benz tell em
make sure she bring some mother f*cker friends
I love the money
I love the hustle
..the sheets i got muscle
Chasing the paper and no ..for the ..
But if i did
Long night we like to pole up
Nigga broke nigga never wished to show up
Time slow up ‘cause i live like every day my birthday
And i will never wanna grow up a mother f*cking ..
Don’t give a f*ck head it like a ..
That’s why i get it get it all night
I ain’t the street nigga coming .. nigga the night before i sleep
Twenties on my bottle ..
And when i finish .. but don’t going nah
And i’m got a little fresh .. bottles
True religion but the .. the same color
Gucci risk watch then flip fly
I slow nigga ..from the gutter
One thing about me i get out with goa
I love the thing about me i get over top
And i love .. and you love me back
‘cause i’ve been working i’ve been ..
I’ve been .. risk it now
Rich for my nigga first class 50 grady
No penis no seat lady ..for the email


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