Wale – Albert Pujols 歌詞 (Ft. Rick Ross & Fabolous)

[Intro: Rick Ross]
Boss is my position, I got the ammunition
All the while they talking this Ambition
[Hook: Rick Ross (Wale)]
In the caravan of some Latin bitches
Talking caramel with them asses like the strippers
Oye mami, ven aca papi chulo
Let me knock it out the park, I’m talking Albert Pujols
(Albert Pujols, trial left two hoes up in my new muh-fucking two door
This shit ain’t nothing new though
I’m tryna knock that out the park, Albert Pujols)
[Verse 1: Wale]
Made a million with the pen
Make my women follow dreams, pussy popping follow him
Bitches check on my stats, women get too attached
Fuck what them niggas saying I hit whoever at bat
Tryna rock it Atlanta Bravest know I’m awesome
Bet I be like Fenway out in Boston, my green is a monster
We don’t speak to informants, they just look for a weigher
They just hating on the game, they just way too Canseco
Gotta thank my crew, my label, everything I do they a o-
K with, who the fuck gon’ say something?
Shit grand like a muh-fucking bass low
Three strikes put a muh-fucking K up
Double M nigga now we up
Three strikes like a muh-fucking C.C
You wife ain’t shit, we G’d her
Huh, we G’d up, G’d up
Up in my new two door
Knock it out the park, Albert Pujols
[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Feel like I seen it all, but I can’t say so
Be a snitch? No way, Jose Canseco
Face down, ass up, ain’t none of my bitches planking though
We got stripes in my city, ain’t none of my niggas Yankees though
It’s going down in history, the way I valet two doors
She blew a kiss at me, I told her darling cool-o
Listen b, just give my stylist Kudos
And my consistency? I call that Albert Pujols
Shouts out to St. Louey, swag champ I got the belt
Big H if it ain’t Louie, cuffing you bitch is not gon’ help
They asking me what I wear, I think YSL is how it spelt
And I might just let you touch it if you don’t go tell ‘em how I felt
Real nigga, that’s just how I’m built
From turning white into cream, powdered milk
To getting rich off a dream, I throw it in a bag
This the Ambition anthem, I flow ?


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