Trey Songz – So Sophisticated 歌詞

Nigga I’m educated, I ain’t talking no colors
nigga I never made it, I ain’t smoking no garbage
nigga I’m..I’m making movie you nigga,
just a stick a pit to taken
paper make in while your stars are fabricated
bitches in my section with their ass shaking
she just obsessing, we sexin my T go bajin maker
I’m killing everything ain’t no need for a respirator
I’m getting cheese my nigga I’m set to trouble maker
I got a crib in the woods livin on holla ackers
I’m still good my hood for 36 crader
come get some money you can fuck it dirty bitches later
you can bomb and start your sinners without need a favor
I bet these niggas who wanna make a wage
I’m on my shit all you niggas, I’m bout that paper label
I came up all you niggas I’m like an elevator
recipes ain’t dog I’m pumping regulating
I’m bout my business and my business out now and later
looking in the mirror I say fuck a hundred thousand haters
just left the club and they pay the hundred thousand baby
nigga remember when I used to have a ..razor
the flip phone told your baby mama call me later
huh cut yeah I cut her and she call me razor
she got a bag of some shoes I did your ass a favor
another bitch in my cool but she love a pussy ater
her name caramel I treat her like my favorite flavor
Uh, she say she stay poppin when she rockin with her girlfriend
okay that’s okay, yeah you just go and bring your girl in
she say keep going like me was going to the world in
laugh it on her neck right next to where her mama pearls is
bottles and sparkles they coming back to back to back back back
I’m flipping dollars my paper mami ever ocupe
truth for the stars maybe I fuck the lady astronaut
toast of the bros they get that paper inside
I’m in Atlanta yeah in Atlanta like my own crib
I’m going hammer, I’m going hammer like some toast shit
this niggas cowards, these niggas acting like some hoes
I want the power you want the seller like my show is
I’m probably in love, yeah I love her like my last bitch
beautiful mother fucker just look how big her ass is
shout to the bitches where all my bitches you a bad bitch
the bitches sower, the bitches sower like the patch kids
wait for the moment it’s never coming like the past is
9 9 the past is in it, you niggas past missin
unreality rich, you niggas cash wishin
nigga my palms snitchin, niggas you all bitches
I’m a star right now


- スポンサーリンク -