Trae Tha Truth – Over My Dead Body 歌詞 (Ft. Drake, Baby Houston)

Talk to em, la la
so what’s up, la la la la
la la la la
see them to em la la la la
come on la la la
i know you love em babay
try to take away from me
..over my dead body
baby used to leave that it talked to
yeah it’s been a minute since a rap song
feel the pressure of the rain on me
mama said ..try to find in
i’m not nothign what these other niggas
they told the world
i’m the truth fuck to kiss my ass nigag tell em that
i used to pray .. i i say nothign brother ..
i ahd to deal
i stay strong ..till other brother live
it’s kind of fucked up
and is might and nobody kewn it
when my time come
on my shien on ..find some
knew it that i lvoe it
real nnigga they say
shit i guess i got a rhyme
yeah put t the .. nigga


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