Tony Williams – Sleepover 歌詞

i was sorry cause only one light in this world
my house is in ..something
in meet..some you
plan it some violence last June
some..those flowers won’t blue
‘cause sun-shining through
but in you

girl when you’re coming over
just sleepover, girl sleepover
we be gettin love in this house
sleepover, girl sleepover
seem like it’s gettin older
sleepover, girl sleepover
whine a little colder
you don’t have to think it over
tell me when you’re coming over

..few glasses no place
eating at home can be lonely

so i eat away
hopping you promise you’ll stay
some rooming’s been made
came today be the day so i’m on my way


i didn’t imagine my life without you in it
how i made it this far alone
amazes me my baby
from the moment you are that door
i don’t want no more
baby i ain’t gotta think twice
you’re the one i want in my life
me and you ..for me
baby you’re the one in my life ..for me
baby you’re the one i dream
no girl not one night
spend the night the rest of your life

[2 x Chorus:]


- スポンサーリンク -