Terrific Kush – Hussle Freestyle 歌詞

Hey I’ma do it for the hussle, do it for the struggle
Opposite of the hood nigga…
Niggas getting mad cause they ain’t no competition
Realize that I’m terrific plus these little niggas thumb
Every time you see me I be walking with a limp
Yeah I’m something like a pimp make a bitch wanna hump
Always on the real boom … got the pills
For the things I be smoking green, nigger don’t front
Got the recognition, here’s my proposition
To you labels with no mission, you can sign me if you want
We make some money, you walk around the talent
Show me the check dollars, hit the club and then stunt
Yeah, ok, I’m back upon that other shit
Got a little bad bitch, I’m in and off that type, little…
Ok, I be riding in the clean whip,
Dip like a spaceship, ride around, speakers on pump yeah
It’s the kush club bitch, I know you know my name
So you asked for it
Hey… bitch, yeah I’m … for it
They say I’m something like a book cause I’m a tourist
… when the tour is, pockets on…pockets…
Professional, when a nigga is smoking
Them fucking blunts got a little nigga…
And facebook Shawty nigga just poking… here’s a token
…boy I smashed on this beat, this beat broken
Take a … no choking, they say the kush man dope…
I’m smoking, I say it’s kush club bitch, we smoking
Kush club bitch… colorful money… get here bitch.


- スポンサーリンク -