Terrific Kush – Hard 2 Stay Low Key 歌詞

I’m high than my mama
..you don’t know about me
I guess …
I’m tired of my swag so you gotta thank me
Ah yeah
I got .. on mate so credit card don’t live the large ..
Kind of ..you tryin to roll all these niggas got ..
What you see in DVD now .. now I’m tryin dance full of league
I don’t know why but i try to be .. i had to do it
I teach the real come be a student
I kinda come on some to lose it but on the real lot of ..fake
I keep the ..why stack in key ..and most bitches gravitate
Why you gotta hate on the shit i create
Tell the people on .. hoping that they set the ..
Put your ass they whip me go ..they just grass the concept being someone else
..face at
All this cash on me, all this cash on me
..tryin to .. ‘cause i got all this cash on me
All this bros on me, all this bros on me
..tryin to .. ‘cause i got all this ..on me
I’m too fly, too high, too fly
And i got all this cash on me
Hey too fly, too high, too fly
Is too hard 2 stay low key
Okay niggas on waste the .. the aint’ gonna wait
..the trap on me i’m probably .. and i contemplate
My mistakes in what i see
I’m on doubt with the f*cking me i know that you ..to dream
Now all the money .. to colors and spend ..don’t follow others
They aint’ hard to ..destruction start to hustle get a profit
..he was super knowledge
He ain’t the .. they gonna ..
Tonight we thought to .. mulish
You could read before he started
Put the lick down sound retarded
All your .. in f*cking ..
I’m high way turned up i read the ..road up
All this bitches wanna f*ck now you see that i’m what’s up
Now you’re tryin to job my style ‘cause my life bow wow
But this hard i’m here for f*cking ..
That’s why stay fly like a ..


- スポンサーリンク -