Scheming on the paper
Cause I be doing my thing since beat street breakers
The green was on the Lakers
Magic god rapping
DJ Red Alert and Mr. Magic god blast it
Good ol’ days
I was just a youngun
Wishing my mother had money like Philip Brumwitch
Thinking of killing something (killing something)
Cause part the lea is rougher than the billow pad
Fool ass folks who’s wishing that they was middle class
Middle class folks was dreaming that they’ll get rich (get rich)
Now I’m high in the Benz just leaning up in this shit (I’m leaning)
Black American
White American
A green dollar bill can show you a person’s character
Flipping like bombs a platoon
Time balance shit
As if religion would rely on gin
Cause I would kindly throw the bomb than dive in the pin
Rather niggers tore up the sets when we arrive in the pin
These niggers losing their life cause they’re dying to win
Is it five grizz a day or two grizz a day
Going through bullshit I need some new brizz to say
Think of my seed I planted in this world full of greed
The green look purple like the weed
The circle to succeed
Success is what we breed
I mean loyalty is the code in decree
Thinking of the goal, a sole blow to achieve (my bad)
Give me a second, let me gather my thoughts
Mad high in the court like
Why I had to get caught?
Mad money to the lawyers
More to the bail bonds
Thinking if I got to do time then I’ll feel strong (it’s crazy)
That whole idea just feels wrong
If you’re sick in the head then get your hell on
You don’t want to dance in the devil den
It’s ugly, trust me
The tip of the blade is rusty
Catch me in black label new demo rugby
The neck he got cheaper than mine nigger then plug it
All like Malone yea car bull it’s a Bugsy
Bugsy Maloner, Bugsy Moran
Live a life full of crime but I do what I can
I’m the jet now, spit now, nigger I’m the shit now
It’s the ghost on a blaze beat
I ain’t met a rapper alive that could faze me


- スポンサーリンク -