Stack Bundles – Did It My Way 歌詞 (Feat. Kanye West)

You know it’s no host bons
when homes alnes is boss
don’t playin with ..
this home is made em a star
the star made em a ..
see the reasons fans is saying the shit talk to mine
just much better with .. much better with much on the veins
I’m ..looking for the much more on the ..
could’ve been in the hood using.. you treat..
what a different game I came to desert the street..
me and the 18 took the streets by..
who coast side with the first scene and the storm
that’s why I let you.. I assume I’m stone
still..I get it I put the rock uh
..og RI..y’all niggas thought salute me
am I the truth nigga you ain’t got what ti takes to get to the light
well be in a groupie
Hey talk to
NOw what you’re gonna tell me
how you gonna tell me
you can’t tell me the way you do it
’cause I’ve been in the grind and I stay it too
don’t wanna care you with the..
now what you gonna tell me how you gonna sell me
you can’t tell me the way to do
’cause I’ve been in the grind and I’m staying tune
You can’t tell me I’m like who the f*ck said
who the f*ck you puff and who the f*ck said
this is making a ben what I’m saying is stand
a few rappers is loud of the best nigga is dead
see I’m the rapper who let us whole town to the fool front
took the game at the corner new grade the..
OG is had a poppin on the block new coma I’m doing my number seat the shit on the selling the ..
..producing like game..need little surf in..
now the shit won’t stay in the store like allergic to the..
and change he a new to the world
my ..oh hell is hip hop flew spit it in that ..flavor
you ain’t never seen a star wont’ you take a..
I ain’t mean back nigga I ain’t full of my pants
You can call me Frankie in the flash
when I do what I do it like I was spittin the…
you can’t imagine..the orphans life
I overcame the..the father ..twice
make yeah I had a deal to no
and work back out to the ..
back to the hood back to the base
had to learn to victim y’all
..I would make it all
..wasn’t quite my style
but now the end I see more .. me rockin
…I can’t I saw I keep ..
she keep to the ..


- スポンサーリンク -