Soulja Boy and Young L – She Notice 歌詞

Yea yea yea yea
Bass uh
I’m stunting so hard I think my … noticed
That’s your bitch cause you niggers didn’t notice
I’ve been eating good and I’m living in my fortress
That’s a motherfucking loaf
Twenty five feet fortress
You niggers want some more of this shit
Want some undercover shit
I’m just fin this smother shit
I’m stunting in my hundred nick
We just doing hell a shit
Stunting with hell-a-hoes
Got to keep them … hoes right off … nose
You got the kick distorted

I’m stunting in my fortress
Ice like a four cliff, I think she noticed
You got the kid distorted
I’m stunting in my fortress
Damn ice like a four cliff
And I think your bitch noticed
She noticed
Noticed noticed sushi
Yea I think she noticed

Riding through my trap and that pistol is loaded
Pretty boy gangsters I don’t fuck with you fake niggers
Ride through my hood tell that bitch to pop a break
Bitch I’m balling I’m balling
This flood is like New Orleans
Chain in the …
Rollers cost your life man
Everything’s priceless
Everything’s golden
Pull up to the club and that Lambo is chosen
Jury is frozen
Third eye is open
Told the automatic
If he want it then he got it
Twelve gage shot it
Money in my pocket
… in my wallet I’m balling I got it
I’m a … top it
All my niggers …
Ocean Gang in my land
We swerve it we wide it
Splash, ready for the action
Young L what’s happening?
This mix tape we’re planning


- スポンサーリンク -