Shorty Mack – Smash You 歌詞

Take down so take down i jump that ass to the floor
Face down, i ain’t never seen bitch i could f*ck
20 boy in my ..lean it up more f*ck friends in ..
In this mother f*cker .. off
These hoes .. i call i ain’t waiting for ..
Bitch better on my move .. underlay underlay
Looking here hoe shawty got that brain .. croll
Now what hell no, do you better s*ck dick i ..
2 x Hook:
And i could f*ck you, and i could f*ck you
And i could f*ck you too
And i could f*ck you, and i could f*ck you
And i can f*ck you and i can f*ck you too
This ..yeah i’m wavy from .. I’m so 80s ..
All i know is .. strip ..bitch please ..
I’m a beat full of .. no beast
Fi you bitch .. walk down
Fly round ain’t a p**sy
I woke up still drunk what
Then i look to my phone for some ..
Yeah maybe i should call my mix chick
Or maybe i should call my rip chick
My hood hoe she’s talk down
Nigga up you ain’t .. take down
My pretty girl or my cute chick
I’m hittin this hoes i’m ..
Yeah bitch get upon us you’re dealing with some nigga
What some big .. i’m a call the ..dick
Snake cake do what a


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