Schoolboy Q – Sacrilegious 歌詞

[Verse 1]
Gloomy on sunny days
Shadows no house of trees
Prays no close to me
As I bud down to take a knee
Help as far as the eye can see
Because hes a weaponry
Not here to be a free
Locked up and chasing keys
Hows your eyes, investigate us
We look up to entertainers
But players pistol bangers
Big brothers, uncles uncles
Betrayed by a lot of homies
All my friendships stay on shuffel
Huddle stay steady find a plan
Spread evil beyond the land
As I push down up on this trigger
And burn f-cker burn
Have a step keep taking it deeper
Survival my main concern
Never relate to satin in sweat
Have a sip of this holy water
Hope to god I still keep me blessed
With a dark shield on my Armour


[Verse 2]
Promise man I promise
None other than those accomplished
Promises man I promise
To be loyal and honest
Promises man I promise
Lie on separate occasions
Promises man I promise
My promise this is Asian
Never see what my system like
Feeling like superman
I’m like kryptonite
I bring loss to life
I grew some sight
Look at my guided fall
Feeling teary eyed
Thinking I gone too far
Ask god for forgiveness
Shit, I doubt he heard me at all
They say clean your hands before you eat
What the sins with price
But I did some things I don’t think I could never wash away



- スポンサーリンク -