Rockie Fresh – Prom King 歌詞

I do do no no you
Of course i do
All bottom man made me believe i had chance to lose
Listen to ..the nigga try to change the cool
And can’t get me make me wanna jump out the school
But i aint’ creeping ‘cause a nigga never been the fool
And just the present made for me don’t mean it’s made for you
Now go to college get the education see it through
I know they say the rappers got it on the hoes
But don’t get it twist it ‘cause you know ‘cause you get bitches too
I swear the shit is true I ain’t gotta lie homie i am just being me
I aint’ even got to try
They say lonely the king so long live with eye
And them tears and joy and type of tears my mama cry
‘cause i’m always on my grind .. funny shit
Always on my money shit they f*cking with that dummy shit
Rocky want that paper so the paper when i come and get
Hoe for the blue .. niggas like me studies ..
..the ground they say ..
Prom want that .. ground they say ..dummy .. more … the ground ..
I aint’ the one that …
Mama say is pressure i’ just hoping that i can handle it
Sometimes i get angry and i just simply can’t stand the shit
Swank about my manager needed some management
When the his the fan they like you really can ..
So now i’m on the move changes season changes lovers
In a couple white chicks feelin like this kinds like a fool
Fight we all tryin to stand each other i can’t believe
lames is feeling make another ..offer
my brother told me never smash bout the ..
and if all really mean it i tell the girl i love
watch it whole game but havin bitches as a hustler
watch them LK’s ‘cause you slept and i touch her
i tell em feel you simple in my car
so play victim to these niggas won’t play victim to these bro’s
son ding the movie you won’t catch me acting hard
and it’s like ti’s looking good ‘cause i’m always on my dot
pretend them


- スポンサーリンク -