Pleasure P – More 歌詞

I’m pulling over what’s my back seat have a
I deep .. on the highway
Now we need your ..
And i can’t keep staring at your legs now
Yeah you got that kid of love that make a n*gga ..girl
I know you got a goal btu i can’t let you go
Just one more tiem nice and slow
You got more, more more more
What do you know
can’t wait to you get off for this evening
‘cause i’ma be right here standing at your door
You got me want more, more more more
That’s why i’m hating when you’re leaving
Got me try find any reason
‘cause i need that reason
My phone is ringin i just wanna see your name
Even early in the morning you’re the one I’m wanting
I love the way that you ..when you do your thing mama
I wanna see you that’s why i keep the lights on
Ohh i love if i put you on the show
You get on the floor
Look how gone you got me baby
I need your collaboration
My body your body is going down girl
Let’s have a freaky conversation
I hope you can handle my love
My love, our love be thinking bout it all daylong
I want more and more each moment when you’re ..


- スポンサーリンク -