Ain’t that, I can’t sleep
Rubber out when I burn
As a wheel on a ’68 Cadillac turn
The flows make me glose so high, glosing uh huh
Declined us out a ticket
The nigger just trying to kick it
Exhibit where I hid it to get it all in my business
As I play those niggers feel I played up in my city
That’s why I have a plane on the regular
Besides man I have a few chores on the schedule
Bank is on the gaze huh feeling ain’t no …
Staying in session for the lyrics I’ve been setting up
Cause there’s nothing like young money
You can’t take no shows to take the low money
She hoping this conversation’s gonna lead to relations
My ma got the lead if it ain’t lead to the paper
I’m ‘bout to stack a sale, she’s looking for a …
You want it all glazed, before can’t even cook the braze
Why apologize? You want to qualify keep your boom
And on the bound bound keep cruising
First street hustle fit the door lit on something

Man that’s what you say at blunts with the Rubenstein Brothers
Damn, my nigger was hungry
I split a bill over a meal with my little homie
Shit, I split a mill over a meal with my little homie
Huh, I split a mill over a meal with my little homie

You know I flip flop serve hoes
With a fast sack and that hurt the nose
Smelling in my clothes
Flyers was wrong like a rose
Broken dime and in my paper there was row
Story of a jet written the stone tablets
I’m on the hit manual
You just a test-drive pants flip nigger please
Ease up off of that hoe she can’t breath
Your threatening takes messages
She’s scared to leave
I’m hard top 63 … perfect light stress
Man press whole guilt
Girl ain’t looking at me, what a mess
Life’s too short not the master but it in the whip
That say sport, of course
A GT3 on a closed course
Bad bitches with their clothes off sweeping off my loaf
The journal of a boss
I make big money
A big ass garage
Everybody know me
I’m betting with the stars
200 large, my left, my right arm, strong
Break them suckers off, ‘sup?
Try to call me with your big homie
Eh, turn a couple corners with your big homie


- スポンサーリンク -