Municipal Waste – Crushing Chest Wound 歌詞

I’m flashin I’m ..the ground
I can’t see the sound
I can’t see ..yourself
what chest
I can’t ..I might not be gone I’m back
and come to the sky I’m..
..the ..the pray
now ..the day and this a kind of a test ..
have a new .. my mind is chancing
and ..just can’t make
make you change
I have a feeling
now ..rock this ..
big change ..wish you can take to the ..
your.. wait
I blew it all to the..
that was .. out of my mind
just what I’m gonna do left behind
so let you down went you now

six feet out
in the perspective fo the day
..just can’t make I can’t..make you change
so .. so that you ..take to the gray


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