See what we did was
We took your strip and made it ours
Only thing left for you to do
Is get down and lay down
We call this occupy hip-hop
You already know what this is

Pretty boy gangster, intelligent thug shit
Doppest nigga out, watch me get on my drug shit
I’m talkin’ 80 large under the rugs yea
Time to fit the streets, time out for that love shit
Niggas all out of character, you know that that’s not him
This were the kid had played, ever wanted to rock him
Them niggas want precenters, we’re financial agendas
I am the 99, really know how to rhyme
Give ‘em a penny for their thoughts I bet they drop a dime
Suckers the murder our culture, I would draw the line
Real shit narrated by the strugglers
We sell our stories to the birds, you just a customer
My daddy smoked crack, uncle was sellin’ base
So the pain in my voice was from a very real place
You a bitch, you probly be wearin’ lace
I guarantee that I say it to your face

Time to occupy..

Uh. alright, let me set this straight
‘Fore you bring up sales and the money you make
See if the homie Nas never wear plat in his life?
Then he’d still be Nas and you’d still be fraud
If counter was never go then he was 90 years old
He’d still be iller than you
Boy I gives a fuck less what you sold and if your money came forward
You’d never be considered the truth
See, y’all confuse bullshit with real life
Okay okay I know you sold a lot of records but so did Vanilla Ice
Real know that shit fake, we just call it how we see it
Y’all turn it around and call that shit hate
I’m a street nigga, know I DB nigga
Flippin’ off the dirty mattress, landin’ on my feet, nigga
The 1 percent, wonder since I asked
The kind of feds try to stop or smash

It’s time to occupy..

Nigga go ahead, sit on your ass
Then they’ll do us the same as they did Chazz
See most of these niggas is semi sweet
Like when they swiped out Coltrane for Kenny G
Them enemies, don’t envy them, I pity them
Heard of the elephant in the womb? I am really him
No fear, no apology, no aquality
No way I can condone that side of me, pause
Fuck ‘em all duck ‘em no, nigga duck duck goose
Catch ‘em one by one, I’mma perk ‘em all
They gave us crack in the 80’s, Saddam is down
So in 2012, granny’s nowhere to be found
This for the streets, I ain’t worried about the church (at all)
They can’t accept the gospel from me cuz I curse
Shit I’m sorry to make Chuck D proud
The only rule is no sucker shit allowed

Time to occupy..


- スポンサーリンク -