King of Chicago, that’s verifiable proof
Word to Biggie, I bully him like a goose
Not to be common, I told him the art of rhymin’
The common denominator between Chief Keef and Komnim
I got the hipsters and the gangsters at the same shows
Me and multiplatinum niggas got the same hoes
I’m Blake Griffin, every night is a highlight
Run face sure so long niggas thought it was my site
I’m the truth, these niggas can’t even lie right
I’ve been killin’ them niggas can’t even dab right
No fabrication, everything I write is my life
So real feel me, the gangsters understand my plite
Original man, he believed through in sharing needles
Ridin’ from the HIV clinic with thieves
Don’t nothing true in sleep but nigga come up and dream
Mean grindin’ to that fat lady, get up this scene
Supreme like mathematics, the numbers can never lie
These rappers sweet like 3.14, they die
See I ride like the papers back in the day dear
You te type to get out the car like Tray did
You so sweet but you drop it down like J Kid
Your girl know me, I probly cut ‘er like 8th peer
A bunch of lames, all talkin’ ‘bout what they ain’t did
Ask that bitch nigga to his face and he ain’t say shit
In an industry full of snake niggas
With bootleg carbon copy and fake niggas
Niggas ride as a bunch and scared to be great niggas
Can’t call whack shit whack, they call it hate nigga
He can’t read so don’t make me give him the magazine
You feelin’ foggish I’ll even give him the trampoline
Till I’m jumpin’ I’mma bury him
Dope line after dope line, you would think I’m sellin’ heroin
The king..
The king..
The king..


- スポンサーリンク -