From this studio you are about to see Fidel Castro, leader of the successful rebel forces who overthrew the dictatorship of general Batista. And now by tape-recording you will see Fidel Castro face the nation.

638 ways to kill Castro
Half row to the right
In the dark, tip over cigars, the only source of life
I promise they tried to bay and pick me
I kept them pigs at bay
The same people that told ‘em sick me turned on JFK
Until I’m in a way to tell ‘em come get me and fuck ‘em
They got much more to lose than I do
Shit, I come from nothing
Viva la revolutionists, I drop my cojones
Cuz they put on their pantalones the same way that I do
This shit is bigger than gidi minis, don’t crip the piral
The title’s not political, just a tale of survival
I do verses, nerve confess, I see myself in a Bible
Heart pin as Delly S, projectors been prepared for the riffle
Bang bang, shout out my youngins out in nigga hood
Ask me the Steven Diante I put on for the hood
I raised my soldiers and taught ‘em the art of war
Gave ‘em knowledge of self and showed ‘em spook that’s out by the door
This for my Sirkon Shawties in posy serving time
I hate to shitty dip but he’ll always be one of mine
As long as God is with you it ain’t nothing to fear
They’ve tried to kill my ass for years, that’s why we called this shit Castro

We all come here tonight to show our solidarity with the Cuban revolution. Because the Cuban revolution has shown solidarity with us. Cuban revolution has opened its doors for those who have had to flee from persecution in the United States. The Cuban revolution has shed blood in Africa for the African kingdom.

Uh this is a palace that’s sippin’ off chalices
Triple beam dreamin’ with crooked palaces, justice is blind
See triple six inscriptions that was drift to coke addiction
The children at the broken system left the fuck behind
If I die today I can say I tried
Pick up my songs and tell my sons your daddy never lied
They tried to sell ‘em that bullshit, he ain’t never bide
I talked to Fred Heaven Junior he told me fuckin’ right
So what else am I supposed to do but ride?
And stand out while the rest of these cowards stay inside
He say the truth will set you free so ain’t scared to die
The illest revolutionaries name was Jesus Christ


- スポンサーリンク -