Uh I say one life to live
So nigger I’m a ball till I fucking fall
Like September gone hell a hall
Niggers act like they don’t remember when I was selling raw
But since they run their mouth like bitches they can tell them broads
How I came through
Panama fling blue
Everybody bust down
And I’m with the same crew
Heck my homie’s selling dope
They don’t got the same view
But we got the same goes
I used to work that same old
I used to sell them same
Touch hot a hundred mill
Twenty four with a ghost
I swear my life is hell a real
Took them babies out the hood
Put my mind up on that hill
Got the weight up off my shoulders
Tell them that it’s time to kill
Officer and all these other suckers man
Cause only 24 and buying shit they wished they had
Is it my bad?
Or Is it my fault?
Life I live and shit I talk
Hoes I hit and the whips I pop
When I did that bit they forget that part
And it’s all so cold
Where grown men cry
And old men die
But I ain’t fouled
Did them my time
None of them hope he die
But I’m gonna live
Like MIA
Sunday we lie
We in that viv
And when we dib
We fly G5 nigger
I used to have a million in the bank bitch
But now I got it I treat it just like my last bitch
Got another one
Harder than a double serve
Real homies love me cause they feel just where I’m coming from
Old hares been balling
I ain’t talking running ball
Use to chase the paper now the money I be running from
Ah every day I wake up I just pray to god
That I get my cake up and I stay alive
Pac Man Pac Man
Run because the ghost is out
Ross has bought a new crib
Shit it looked like Oprah’s house
I just bought a new crib
My shit … the older house
Last of a dyeing bread it’s nothing that I told about
Y’all get exported when them bricks get imported
… imported
The informers be informing
Got a crib in Malibu California
About to do Miami
Got a sting I clear my debt
I told them do it for ah

I ride for my niggers dog
I ride for my niggers uh
And I slide for my niggers dog uh

I say money in the building everybody spending
Thirty rights I’m a shit my pockets sound when it
Louis Vuitton snickers different colors I’ll be in them
Keep a bad chick with me
I don’t own her she a rental
Cause I
Wear ‘em out
Take ‘em back
She know I extend you with a lot I make I stack
Looking at the dill fuck around and take this back
I get so comfy in that bitch I fuck her and I take a nap Z’s
She at me with that paper I’m like bitch please
Shout out to the jeweler make my wrist freeze
This shit that’s on my hip
Believe you’re Swiss cheese
Hit you with the whole clip
You get on some bullshit
I’m a blow this paper like it’s 2012
If getting money was a sin I guess I’m going to hell
If stacking on them was a crime I guess I’m going to jail
And they gonna have to give me life cause I’ll be doing it well
I’m getting money on the regular
We don’t smoking regular cause nigger we ain’t regular
Got some pretty … on my cellular
All I get is straight cash and I’m like a register
I’m balling like there’s no tomorrow
Forty on my order ma
Thirty foot this pricy piece
I think I got every sneak
I don’t hit so many dimes
Presidentuary sweet
Back and forth to Hollywood
MIA like every week
Can’t remember my maps
Cause I got so many but now I’m back
I came from Hollywood to the trap
And I’m right back in these streets
Running round with this map
And I ain’t talking about my laptop
Talking ‘bout the back block
Running in a dirty wet
Hammers in the stash box
Huh? What you know about that?
I’m spitting bars off the top and they ain’t flowing like that
They ain’t flowing like this
Old school flow
Flowing like kiss raspy voice in the vib
With a hundred bottle
Ace of spade doing my thing
Hot ’97 they know that I’m going angry
My neck, my wrist be all bling
A lot of niggers catch cases
They ain’t like me
They are sing
When it’s time to see their selves
I ain’t had no bell
But had a couple of bitches
They was riding me sentimental
So I had to hold it down
And now I got the crown

I ride for my niggers dog
I ride for my niggers uh


- スポンサーリンク -