Maino – 2012 Predictions 歌詞

This is for my internet bloggers, independent artists
Bitches pulling scams off credit card charges
Yeah, ’11 is dead, let me share a couple visions that I got in my head
I welcome you to 2012, when the Mayans once said it’s the end of the world
So we gonna do it up and live it like our last night
So wasted, I can’t remember my last night
All I see is the future in front of me
Nothing like all these visionary wannabees
I’m a fortune teller man I know shit
Another rapper, open off my own bitch
New year, I’m a wizard again
Fuck that, I see Obama winning again
Yeah, Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back togther
Yo Mainom, for real?
Nobody gives a fuck about all that other shit, nigga
Wassup with you? Predict some shit abotu you, nigga
I wanna hear about you,
I don’t give a fuck about no basketball wives
I don’t give a fuck about none of these bitches on television
… and crime and fighting every fucking 5 minutes
Wassup with you nigga?
All I see is skiny bitches going skiny dipping in my swimming pool, barshit
Park the Lamborghini in my living room
Flossing, got a diamond as big as a table spoon
Cartridge, ak 47 and I’ve been a goon
Mirror, mirror while I’m staring at the wall
Will I live to be the greatest, or die an underdog?
Will I … will I make it to the frog?
Will these niggas ever wake and stop sleeping on your door
All I see is my funeral me dying as a general
Hopping out that casket screaming you can’t kill the truth
Yeah I’m bulletproof baby it’s so incredible
Tweezing off, holding my balance just like a killer do
All I see is visions and kitchens and all …
Day friends yelling like nigga you gotta ball at night
So now I’m in that place waving bottles out
Strippers dancing on me got me throwing dollars out
So drunk so high that I’m on a cloud
Can’t see the sky, can’t find the ground
Yeah I’m coming but these fagots trying to hide the crown
I’m turned up, need a shot just to calm me down
I spend days and I bathe up in crack houses
Blue bread took bread and I stack thousands
No love with the war with different drug lords
Got friends doing time over drug lords
On the road we gonna roll to the end of it
Stand up and crack a smile at my sentences
Now tell me why these pussy niggas trembling
Cause these rappers in this game all gelatin
All I see is riches in my crystal wall
Should I let them in or should I kill them all?
Should I cop the new Benz with the soft top
So I can stand up on the … and yell fuck cops
Should I keep fucking hoes or should I get a wife?
Should I find a strip club or should I find Christ?
Fell a sleep behind the wheel of a …
Woke up in a tellie next to…
This is my prediction for ’12, I’ma make a sex tape and show girls
Niggas only hate what they fear boy
They gonna kiss the ring this year, boy
They gonna kiss the ring this year, boy
They gonna kiss the ring this year, boy.


- スポンサーリンク -