Mac Miller – Dig That 歌詞 (Ft. Cam’Ron)

[Intro: Cam’Ron]
Another 7 AM session with Mac, high as a motherfucker man
Edward EG just walked in, waddup baller!
Mac Miller in the building! Lemme tell you this story
Though real quick, about this ho
Excuse me ma, about this “chick”
This how it went down tho:
[Verse 1: Cam’Ron]
Baby says she sick of me, sick of me, you kidding me?
Fuck the fuckery, you comfort me, you diggin me?
Not Scooby Doo, boo-boo, no mystery
Not school, but I tell you the history
Wanted me to wife her, I just want to pipe her
Only gave her cab fare, I would’ve white-Nik’d her
Baby won’t quit tho, she a fighter
I’m like “God damn, it was just a one-nighter”
Don’t know what I said to her
But now, the girl I’m deadin her
Caught the vapors, Schwarzenegger never seen this Predator
Venus a competitor, my cream and my cheddar-ar
See more tennis than Venus Serena and Federer
? Lamborghini, man etc
If life feels like a movie, I’ll truly be your editor
Cam did it, your man live it, I ran with it
2 thousand dollar sweater ?
[Hook: Mac Miller]
I tell ‘em oh yeah, motherfucker, oh yeah
I’m getting money with my homies, yeah you know I’m gonna share
Might get hard, I don’t care, I ain’t goin nowhere, I ain’t scared
I got my peoples and they iller than yours is
So can you dig that? Can you dig that?
[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
I must admit it, I’m just iller than most
This business, I get up in it, like I’m pimpin’ these hoes
All these that you people love, go and give em a toast
Because if they ain’t here tomorrow you gon miss em the most
Now I’m livin’ pretty good, yeah some would say phenomenal
All about my net like it’s a goalie in a soccer goal
Accomplished the impossible, my dreams they seemed illogical
They ain’t about that essay paper, I’mma tell em adios
? motherfucker, shouts to Vado too
Shmutty hoes been told me that they love me, that ain’t nothin’ new
Yeah that’s nice you know my Twitter, no I ain’t gone follow you
You prostitute, dirty bitch, I’ll throw you down the laundry shoot
Like bada bing, bada boom, diamond rings, designer shoes
Finer things I like to do, London, France, and China too
I got a crib that got a view, above my yard that got a pool
Prolly tryna find me shit, too bad, I tell em:
Cam told me to tell you that you a bitch, and you ugly
That’s what Cam told me to tell you..


- スポンサーリンク -