Los – King Los 歌詞

King los, king los, bow down, kiss a nigga rings ho
Been knocked down, hated on, bitch I still did my thing though
I thank the lord every breath I take
Every step I make, im going on for this song, nigga wishing thats my fate
Thats why I go go way too hard, they say I go go way too hard, go go way too hard
[Verse 1]
Yo, rap on shit nobody go hard, I dont need nobody
I body whole squads
I bury niggas on the dark side of the moon
Till the sun come up and throw a party on mars
Im outta this world outta my mind, stuck at the bottom thinking
How do I climb, how do I climb?, Fuck I sound to get up I turn this bitch upside down
Cause I get down to get up, sit down do sit ups
Sit up do push ups push ups to lay back
So I make money do cruches
So you hate my guts when I pull up the maybach
Honey said she ain’t never seen a guy thorough
So I got it on strength like a bicep curl
Hopeed out the pussy like I gotta murk it out
Sorry baby girl, itll never work out get it?
Snapback, custom made fitted’s
Shitted on ever spectator every critic midgets never seen one quite fly
You a pint size guy to a giant like guy, digits
I throw them in the bank
Bitches planking on the dick like they throwing in the anchor, her, er, and you too
It ain’t all about the rappers
[Verse 2]
Theyll never make another me
I dont even need half of me to make another you
I’m coming for number one so shitting on niggas is the only way you ever see me taking number 2
Im back like vertabrae
Nigga stop fronting, you ain’t even really got the guts for this
Better man up nigga, im a tand up nigga
Back rosa parks woulda got up for this, cause I get down to get up
Never put the pen down to give up
Now a nigga pin down the pin up it feel like I been up
And yall niggas stuggling so when I pull up I betta feel like a chin up
Down, then up, down again and im so nice I put down the pen
Think you wanna battle, you wanna say yes
Dont push up if you dont wanna play chess get it?
Wear air j’s ever digit and im the rap game
Los destorying ever nigga dont knock on a door when ya boy in the kitchen probably mention
Im something and the rock ain’t cooking
Ski mask in the booth over the cops ain’t looking
Tell me god ain’t smiling nigga spot ain’t took it
My pa staying proud these niggas stay lying
I was born in the jungle man these niggas ain’t lions
[Verse 3: Lola Monroe]
Queen bosset cause I run shit I stay dumb slick fly tell a bum tich bye
Wanna come trick, why, you ain’t built like that
You gonna fuck and get killed like that
Ole back of the race looking bitch ole wack ass drag in the face looking bitch
Ole half ass
No swag having ass
Ho ass slow ass
Last of the apes looking bitch
You’re styled played out like manolo boots
We taking headshots welcome to the photoshoot
Ill wipe this bitch! Who hype this bitch?
Make me put a ho down like mike vick pit
Betcha life get hit like a 10 car crash
You dont really want it though send me all trash im from garfield
Where they known to skill all rats
And ride of white boy like kim kardash
Get it?
Christian Louboutins when I pivot
Its so gross how you broke bitches in a civic I did it
Im good shit, the hoods big ticket
Get off my lolipop if you ain’t gonna lick it
Im wicked, ya money like beckham lets kick it, know of yall bitches wanna step in my district
Say I ain’t the truth and these bitches ain’t lying!
I was born in the jungle these bitvhes ain’t lions
Im queen roe, queen roe


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