Lecrae – Sacrifice 歌詞

With eyes redder than blood shots, nightmares full of gunshots
I took my girl for the long start to not witness them cold bloods
And what you think, when we move forward we see kids get killed in the school zone
I see cracked souls, bodies turned cold, what do you think, that’s cool, broA
Why do you think I went to school forA To turn around and move back to the hoodA
Nah, brothers, that’s what it’s called a sacrifice, this is bigger than me, is for a greater good.
I was a cape town, had a breakdown, and I’ve seen the men face down
So it blows to the head, boy it’s cold out here so we’re staying on the ground, no brakes, nah nah.
If there’s a game here then explain what’s the excentric
An extorted and reported for this fact I’m representing.
And when I started painting lyrics I was thinking about no cipher
I was thinking about them addicts and them jewelries and no lifers.
Why is that the people lose their life forA And why they give apart their rights forA
It ain’t no church in the road, huhA But tell me, who do you think I’m right forA
And I ain’t tryin’ be self righteous, but I’m right just if you think twice
Folks think that this is gangsta rap. No, boy, this is sacrifice.

Somebody’s rapper’s reputation should be in dispute
Cause real recognize real and you do not compute
Could have let your life down, sacrifice for a word that calls
Not for what it brings paper text, overpriced clothes and shiny cars, no.
This is sacrifice, yes, you think you owe.
Even when they do not understand you, you’re still answering your calling
And when the word is falling and their back is turn,
you reach your hand out and pull them out of that fire, it’s burning.
I learned that from the old guys, you know it wasn’t never turned back
Martin Luther King got shot for it, that’s right, fellas, he came undead.
Then tell me what do you think he died forA A peace prizeA A holidayA
So I can ride back home with a weak clan but above that I’m gonna make my channels brake.
Did Jesus really lived, did He really dieA
Sacrificed himself who rose before they worried eyes
And if I ain’t really changed, then it’s all a lie
Why put my life on the line, you stay both of my time
Cause this been real, when nobody knew us we’ve been here
Before the real ports and the great two wars
It was Christ, I hope we’ve been clear.
I have never been faked, not faked in my life
If you face me I die in disgrace
Live for the truth that He died in my brace
Thank God for the sacrifice in His grace.


- スポンサーリンク -