Lecrae – Co Sign 歌詞

You know, what I kinda realized is that
Everybody wanna put me in a box
They tryin’ forget what category I belong
(it ain’t no category for this)
Let me help them out a little bit
It’s about the time

Are you so authentic, I’m so affinic
And try to figure me out, but this is not a gimmick
Hi, hip hop. Don’t act like you don’t know me. (whatA)
We got the same momma. Don’t you try to disowe me

It’s just a big screen, call me a day walker
Cuz I walk in the sun but at night I’m a stalker
If you’re looking for blood, come run in my lane
The fame never was dropped, it’s plenty up in me
I speak in ninja language, they don’t understand me
It’s called the truth, I break it down, they try to reprimand me
it’s low and she spoke it, they try to revoke her
they drove her crazy like Morgan Freeman did them, it’s dazy
are you not insane, probably I’ve done a kosher
hell, what happens when I outcast mr. Right Zamolxis
the views are reposing, but they correlate
and me and Christ don’t match, but we coordinate
if Wu-Tang spit fire for St. James, I can talk about Him who died for my sins
I’m not a gospel rapper, not a holy roller,
I’m just a product of race, spreading hope to the hopeless.

See, they tryin’ put me in the box my whole life
But you know, I stand tall
And it seems like that box is a little too small for me
Church closed.

Feels like a *bang bang pac prrrra* that shooting here
That cage don’t change, strange, man. Let them lose him here
You may attain your saint name , put your brain in your main frame,
But if you can’t hang, man, you can lose it here
And let’s be clear
I don’t want your approval. And I don’t thrust for a word, it’s my verses approving
All these empty executives are laying pursuit
And you can tell they’re just a shell for their vain pursuits
They say they love my music or are they telling tales
They want me sign on a deadly line, but I’m not for sale
They want that jam ( I know), they won’t get easy
They want that loupe, they are hearing what you say
I beg they differ, I think they do
They’re listening, ‘cause it’s different, and some of them are confused
So I’m leavin’ crews. I give directions, I hope they stop at the light before the intersection

The anticipation is over
Here it is
Changing loves one by one
I know the classic for you all the rhyme troop
Back to back with the homie Lecrae.


- スポンサーリンク -