KEITH ROBINSON – Same Rules 歌詞


go go yeah
feel em when i tell you, go go yeah
ma’ feel em when i tell you go go yeah
ma’ feel em when i tell you go go yeah
i’m tryin get you, i’m tryin get you back to
go go yeah

gonna get that if you want it
make you breakfast in the morning
cause i really do think
that you’re the baddest thing in the
and all your friends going
yeah turn the lights down
turn the lights out
we don’t need it anyway cause we light house
i love the way you steppin ..
I’ll tight your sense

Pre Chorus:
all this star see em in expensive guy
but baby i’ma simple guy to me
and we can go round the world
and we can chill right here girl

‘cause this industry is not who i am

girl i’m gonna take the same rules
the same rules, same rules.. same rules ..
gonna take the same rules, the same rules
same rules .. oh yeah

in the movie ..girl it’s on you
do your boy aint’ choose that
do the ..
it’s all about me and you
and i want you to know
girl you got me go
i love the way you step it
tight your senses

[Pre Chorus:]

All around the world yeah

all my ladies just pop pop
and we gonan give it in tonight
and if you ..
keep gonna ..
you gonan need
got em feelin oh


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