Juice McCain – Winning 歌詞

I winning, I’m winning, yeah they say I’m winning
See me popping bottles, boy, take care of my business
I’m winning, bitches running silly!
I said I’m moving through the city, cool shit, I got my swag right
..don’t mistake me for me…
Get your perfect photo at, denim jeans, polo…
White truck … women swearing to God eh hot!
Cooler than a fan, bro
Technically the man, bro
Money over everything, and winning is what he stand for
Really I’m the best.. all these niggers…
The real … take the next round!
Winning! I’m not… I’m like Blake Griffin
I’m Michael Jordan in this prom, is got pimping
My vision is vivid, something is not listed
I’m all swagger over here!


- スポンサーリンク -