Johnta Austin – The Oooh Song 歌詞

Once again I am back
ladies welcome to my ..
you are honey you know it
come over here and show it
I hear your body screaming for me
she is talking about .. I have been waiting all day
where you are at I got you no question
so there is no need for stressing I am gonna teach you all my love lessons
when I get you I am gonna take you to my room room
and make the bed go boom boom
let’s get caught up in the moment do it just the way you want it
went on top like .. and just ride to …
I am gonna make your body sing when we are making love
gonna make your bottie bounce like we are in the club
hold up I can make your body sing sing for me baby
you know that I got the melody so let me hear you say uuu uuu uuu
all my ladies say uuu uu uuu


- スポンサーリンク -