John Schlitt – Where I Wanna Be 歌詞

Behind this old white picket fence
Are some things we need to mend
With something more than clever words and alibis
While some have tried with all their might
To take the wrongs and make them right
Without Love it can never change
And every time we try will only be in vain

If love could set the world on fire
What would it burn away
What would remain
Would it build a bridge between usA
If love would rain for forty days
Would it wash away the pain
Of bitter days and all the lies that came between usA
And conquer all the fears in me
That’s where I wanna be

And now we’re here at river’s edge
We knew we’d be back here again
Face to face with all the demons in our past
And if we lay down all our pride
We can reach the other side
And watch the future come alive
And light a flame to all our hopes and dreams inside

Cause Love can do no wrong
And Love will find a way
Just when you think your world is falling down
Love is the one thing that remains


- スポンサーリンク -