Joell Ortiz – The Motto Freestyle 歌詞

I’m just sitting in my living room
figure how freestyle to a different tune
you know flexin the muscle ’cause the way by you ..
is the best you..down on their mind
despite the hundred thousand of times
I pull my pants down with ass
they still looking around tryin to find something better
but is only one yeah on desire find ..
8 this downloads I’ma space it ..
and going right there I ain’t taste it yet
ma I ain’t plan know them jets like them..
there I’m still..window in the car, he wrote pass
but when I come I seat here over the..
before slow the how..I was a no man
warrior roaming to a store with no ..
poppin up the old..on with the truth shop
I was John looking proof
still cock still bustin with aims
still running hip hop with my government name
still walk through the crowds I ain’t ..
because if I give you a hug it ain’t ..pain
you know it ..and run through your veins
your..tangle like you’re f*ckin with cane
your eyes won’t see shit call em underground and get
that’s a rappers ain’t comfortable
but all this ships go ahead and ..on my ..shit
I don’t care if you a giant you look 4 6
in the eyes of a lion you look call me ..
and I ain’t..source, so make one ..
move to get started my great one fall from ..
and I was cooking with my..
every time I .. is still made too way way back
the edge still high when it ..
they passed it it’s a rap ..the hustle of a ..
man I means madness
y’all niggas is coward homie I’m about it
’cause I’m livin just a model yeah
and when I’m out every day, every day
it’s a show never run count on me to say anyway
ain’t nothing to say
can’t see em ’cause you contact yeah
what’s up


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