Joe Louis Walker – Movin’ On 歌詞

That big eight-wheeler rolling down the track
Mean your true mom and daddy ain’t coming back
I’m movin’ on
I soon to go
You will find your heart in my little old sky
I’m movin’ on
That big loud whistle as in flew and blew
Say hello to the south and we’re coming to you
I’m movin’ on
Do you hear my song?
You had a laugh of me
So I set you free
I’m movin’ on
Mr. Fine why won’t you please listen to me
Cause I got a pretty momma here Tennessee
Keep moving on
Yea, keep rolling on
So shovel a call like a rattler roll
Keep moving on
Miss forgive me …
Take the problem in hand
Cause your battles goes faster
In the summer land
Keep moving on
Yea, keep rolling on
You can ease my mind from the love of time
Keep rolling on
Well, I told you baby
From time to time
Wouldn’t listen to me
Wouldn’t pay me no mind
I’m movin’ on
Yes, I’m rolling on
Well you broke your promise
All over night
I’m movin’ on
You switch your engine
I ain’t got time
For a … woman on my main line
I’m movin’ on
You got me dead and wrong
But I warned you twice
You got to pay the price
I’m movin’ on
Yea someday baby when you hear the plane
Your looks on your daddy
Your daddy will say
Keep moving on
You started way too long
I’m through with you
Too bad you blew
I’m movin’ on
Move it baby
I’m gonna move
Yea moving
I say change after rolling
All night long
Change after rolling
All night long
Give me in the number nine
Give your way for me right on time
Move it
Move oh yea
You gon move
I’m going crazy
Your daddy ain’t coming back
Yea yea keep on moving
I’m movin’ on


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