Jay Saint – Energizer 歌詞

let’s go
move that thing with a little bit of
work that thing when you listen to my
feel so good when you droppin on my ..
are you shaking on my .. hey
and you feelin on my hey hey
hot girl waste like a penny ..
i can wait what ou likin that
i’ma push up when you’re going back back
back back

Pre Chorus:
hey hey no ..girl you just keep going
you’re not waiting for your green light
hey hey hey, you make it easy girl
when you flowing, flowin
girl you on and on and on
till the night is over
girl you go on and on nd on
till the night is over over

girl i wanna make you mine
tell the .. energizer
girl i wanan make you mine
then .. energizer

oh i love when you put ont he show
so fast place dont’ you whine it slow
making make me ..
like a.pack
i can tell that you like it ..

[Pre Chorus:]

yes sir im gonna stay with the floor
..cause she give me the ..
I’m gonan get you right
we ..all night
ah ah



- スポンサーリンク -