Jae Millz – Errrday (100) 歌詞 (Ft. Lil Twist & Gudda Gudda)

Young money
Well i go back to .. Young money forever
Can .. I miss no .. Like david ..
So i rocking whatever i try ..whatever rocking
Poppin ..the young and .. Seat i just seat our video
.. In the six
..yuor twist always ..well see
Nigga .. My coupies
I’m probably ..a nd best believe it’s not
And we’re stored out .. What’s all about
Then call em damn with ..twiz it
Errrday errrday errrday
I’m out to get your ..
Errrway errrway errrway
Suck a freak till i die
Nigga like that wee
Real nigga errday that speak
Errrday i beat ah
Yeah money on my mind and money in my pocket
Bitches skinnin on it
And i just passed em hoes like stuck it
Try to stop me that’s a loco
Keeps you jumping like a ..
Turn the club into a ..
I’m some deliver in the ..show
I’m on fire, i’m on fire rolling like a ..
Got a nigga whire give me water
I’m not tired i pulled up and front the club
In the paper tag bitch
Chopper in the trunk adn i’m not gonna come up with the ..
Big glue big glue diamonds on my neck and my rip
Fronting niggas talking bout their body, their body
Stuck ..fly wipping liek a mother shit
Drivin in some shit you’ve never seen
I want some other chick
Got a bitch when the money calling
And i’ma answer
Dice in my ..i’ma shake em like a dancer
See you nigga .. But ..ain’t that answer
So come up like a dancer
See you nigga steaming but jacket aint’ that answer
So got something in my pocket .. A nigga like cancer
Who wow will win
Whatever hoe, the clip is .. But i turn you to my fashion
We bout that life bout to ..them nights
Why you hate it you aint bout shit is across the ..
Nigga you’d better switch the ..
Dont get confused
Fuck em i’m reckless .. In 60 your breakfast think she got a..make me sick liek checkers
… Your favourite crew
Fuck em ..bitch this is how i’m on it


- スポンサーリンク -