J-Bry – Normal Night 歌詞

I probably have my pad just chilling
Napoleon .. just chilling
.. 3atch what your bitches probably .. city
And I have meet it .. probably in your city
.. nigger I went to school and I dropped out
Not every day is concert probably go back
My momma is hurt she is just worried
But dad said don’t worry keep your eyes ..
Please be carefully now I am on a road

Drinking with some people I don’t wanna know
Stomach to my .. shorty can’t walk .. shows
Heels and alcoholic just don’t mix
Pills and alcohol mix so well
Drop your ass down on that …
Drop your panties now .. your legs
I keep it G I sex you without my .. on
Let me put a song
Pills and alcohol mix so well


- スポンサーリンク -