This be Gucci
Mike Will made it

Ripped off his head all red hood
Santa Claus of the city bad fool the kitties
Fifty price to pop a joint came with the seal
I wish this faggot ass cops will let a nigger live
I’m trying to come down the chimney with a hundred mill
So many hundred dollar bills there they give you chills
A bad bitch from Brazil got a role appeal
You wake up see a cricket crick us in your crib
I’m the British Squad boss
I’m like Santa Claus
Misses Claus on the pole with her panties ice
And I know when you sleeping
Know when you’re awake
No eggnog but some bottle of that ace of spades
Black Versace shades so it’s hard to steal
Where’s Rudolf’s red nose when I really need it
A bunch of elves on the team and I got to feed ‘em
They can’t resolve our pops so it’s hard to feed ‘em
I gift wrap a pipe bomb bring it to your door
Ring the bell sit back and watch the fucker blow
So how you build a snow man without this … snow
Santa Claus bringing blocks in from Mexico
I made a hundred thousand dollars at the Texaco
They lock me up and let me out I feel like Plexico
I’m going in on these suckers call me Santa Claus
And it’s a bunch of bad bitches that’s on our house
Our igloo full of snow with a white stow
I’m in the kitchen cooking dope in a white robe

House full of naked hoes snort blow
I’m in zone six aka the North Pole
It’s so lonely at the top
Plus it’s real cold
My ears, neck, wrist this is real froze
A house full of hoes and a crooked floor
I’m in zone six aka the North Pole


- スポンサーリンク -