Gilbere Forte – Get It Poppin 歌詞 (Ft. Lloyd Banks)

and when i’m in the club i keep the models light
and when i’m on the block keep my riders liek
rider on the ball with a fist full of dollar life
i get a poppie y’all i get a poit poppin
i’m all VIP ..back door i get it poppin
time to bump watch the floor i get it poppin
hittin model shake for the score i get it poppin
y’all i get it poppin
y’all i get it poppin
y’all i get it poppin
12 am i’m on ym way to the club
if you ain’t on the list play fuck with us
..with the driver so rockin the cops
no introduction this shit is enough
i see the .. with the Gina ..
’cause they gonan hold me down and tell em how to seen up
catch me a bank rolll and .. in the benz
hunger for more say it girl bring a friend
i made it this far without a sound
this bitches .. on my dick price lien
and my flight time is forever
good life bad women extra
purple label on the leather
the ehite girls named Heather
..the show time in a matter of time
i see the green lights and it goes line
..when i’m walkignt hrough the party better bed slam at me
your party shit the ;lady get a ..lady is my hobbie
lady they want em to make it
mami stay and say i’m sorry
with ym baby int he body ’cause i ahev with ym ladies got for worries
i’m a ..push for .. try to see on harmy hit
now this be a long blunt now
kicking on here .. no karate
the subject make a queen show somebody whata mommy
bunch of niggas when you ..
guns timing when i’m ..
everytime i catch your body
..Maserati the palm trees .. in home freeze ..
they and i’m going peace .. G’s bottle amke the ..
laugh full of night walking through the party life
a bunch of high niggas that’s a quarter dive
lights liqour Prada your life
too busy for ..and nigga what you tight
and it was all good just ..we go
87 dreams passed now i’m living y’all
..sipping a bottle we spinnin
no born in 87 ..and keep your head up
come .. with the next four quarter ..
put your ring tlak a lot of shit but the shit you never ..
sitting with the ..keep koking ..with the panties on ..girls keep the candles on
full of dollars light


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