GANGRENE – Dark Shades 歌詞

in automobile inundefying moment flying over the hill
i know what i know and what i don’t cant hurt
big fan on the piano i program the dirt
going stepin in stepin liek George Stephenson
so step this rap shit
till we cross this crossing line
and they wait the flag with the checkers in the cris cross
go medal is ..demons out the window
i’m watch by the pit boss feeling ross
..forget loss
yeah for f*ck i was thinking bout
guitar and women dark shade

i’m like the gun shoot all spittin boys
let the air hit your ear and your hair
to fly bullet i’m the air took your hair
keep looking man i swer
god..on the puppet seeing..i am not..born in the..
get you..the throne watch a nigga..
so play with the shades marvel your..they lost your ..

life from the..i don’t give a f*ck when i’m break the..

long time no cream
put the blind in back on long time no dreams
had the ..the paper like world in the world band
..revolvers tour off
my fuckin shades at the craziest
..police was never clocking me
stead was over my head
harder than the..calculate not..
..corazon bolero simpatico
velvet i make credible
i don’t care ..
when i’m stepin on stage with my ..

a rock star with the guitar a cycle
..ride to the .. grind with ..
big dark shades inside of .. stay calm from the ex ..the way i pull ..pull stop
last call for me
rock ..educated ..for the ..
i don’t give a f*ck guitar

hey that shit is crazy
man check that ..


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