Future – Future Back 歌詞

I really want to give people
A perspective
Of where
You were
What you were doing
Prior to
Even this, I mean
Because you was one them niggers
You know what I’m saying?
Fuck that nigger, you had enough
There’s no two man spot
It’s only one spot
I’m you future bible shit
Let the whole city rise for
I got blue stripes
As steady as a running
I should be where big meets
I get so much money
I’m burning off the nest
And then wash my hand
You can’t touch
If it ain’t new band
I pray to Messiah
Told it might hold it off
Put me in the game
Or pull my hand to walk
Oh …
Smashing on these pink toads
Pay for the kink oh
Drinking bottles and they go
Drinking lean
And it’s active
Yeah popping willies on the benches
We throwing moneys on these hoes
And they ain’t even dancing
And it’s coming back white
Marilyn Manson
They yelling our future better
Any bonk hood crack, Machiavelli
And I’m filling up my belly
With pies
Yeah, you’re tearing
I’m a dog on these hoes
Better narrate
yeah, I make movies
Tyler Perry
You’re May Day
At my secretaries
What you could?
Cause I love money
Got a lot of shit on my mind
But can’t get discouraged
Apply major pressure
You better be aware
You about to get your ish ish
Are you going to get you ish?
To print your say a scripture
Or asking for forgiveness
I hear the streets calling
All of them ghetto children
Its future out they know
Astronaut, Pluto
Numero uno
I’m coming for your throat
Bitch I got to have it
I know you waiting to taste
And I’m a murder every trap you can co case


- スポンサーリンク -