FLAME – Devil’s Bread (Intro) 歌詞

I don’t want to ruin my life

When I see you homie it just looks like you gave in
I went to pray, start prayin’ for my good friend
I took your debt, tears fallin’ over your sin
And I don’t wanna hurt you but I can’t ignore it man
Guess you don’t wanna trust the gospel so you caved in
And made excuses for your own sin
You ain’t cuttin’ off no limbs, pluckin’ no eyes or cuttin’ no hands
When temptation starts popping like it’s pay per view
You just stand there, take a few to the face and you
Don’t understand, say he’s batin’ you
And this whole plan is a race in you
You don’t wanna be father, you wanna be fed
Till you vomit up satan’s bread
You forgettin’ that you are His son
And that God is provider
I guess you jumped the gun again


- スポンサーリンク -