Erreon Lee – Yolo 歌詞

They say you only live once
why you get so mad when you say that
Hell is true
you can hate it or love it
And I love it, shit can never get old
but who the fuck is Erreon Lee
if you don’t know you ain’t been doping your reasearch
we’ve been here
Any day I wake up I’m just ready to lace up
I just beat it the pace up, takin it how the day come
telling niggas to say some
they ain’t never bought it I got the city I’m whillin
the slums I came above em, I swear
I defy the imposible I defy the Illogical
I just did what a monster do
over look and I notice but never losin that focus
and now this in the open, I’m here
City on my city, I’m just tryin to get it
I’m deepin here with my niggas and they with it so let’s get it
yolo, yolo, yolo, yolo yolo yolo yolo
yolo yolo yolo yolo
Sipping out the bottle right next to a model
she say that she sliding out and cannot follow
when I tell to you yolo yolo yolo yolo yolo yolo yolo yolo
These guns really go off, y’all niggas every day we takin all days off
smoking on that cuff, sipping on that medicine
your girl hittin my phone I guess she think I want some hide again
that she in my bag again late night I got a man
first head..then the legs cocked and I recked shoped
I’m a specialist
any spot I’m steppin in I’ll be fresh again arresting them
..I’m a belt boy and I got my weapon in
that’s how I do things, top down a new thing
diamonds clean that’s blue ring , you won’t be souffle
tomorrow is not promise so we live for today
oh you got your period, but you ain’t got no two face
Ship on my shoulder, bad bitch on my scrow them
damn boy to fam in here, this out here I told em
the boy never be at home, but my girl she never bitchin
she often Louie Vuitton so I guess I gotta get em
and the family in the building my nigga that’s what I stand for
the boy he got the city on his back it’s like a jens port
I off and I get, pour her than I hit
take shot they wont’ brick
they yolo that’s my shit
rounding round in Los Angeles with that wife beat new chuck tease
I’ve been in wide them Junky head them night flights I must beat
in the cargo this is no shirt than he swag
down Texas I’m a north park, I leave em all with like 20 bags
he’s so cool with his underrated ass
he skips school chase stass he hate the class
see I wasn’t searching living that star life
now I’m out of this world, I pretty far light


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