Drop Out Venus – Morning Star

Morning star, I can’t tell us apart
Morning star, I see it, who you are
I put my mind in it, operator put me through
Someone who’s as nice as you
To talk about who you know
And who you don’t
And what they do when they are alone
How are you supposed to ride

And a river of my affection
Shot the mercy of my fist
Stuck with the truth ṗart
No drift the rhyme
I feel the pause of the water, as I drink it down
Morning Star, everyone puts their sunglasses on
To look at you, you’re the only one I’m into
Don’t talk now, about what you think
Watch them all …
To the news of the …
Morning star, I can’t tell us aṗart
Morning star, I know who you are now
Even the beast that kills without doubt
No one I’m talking about


- スポンサーリンク -