DNEZ – Hungry 歌詞

Some of niggers get it
Had to get it for myself
Tired of looking from the bottom
Had to get up off the shelf
Sweat it out to the depth
Inhale it in the chest
Blow up the bullshit
Like a preacher in the bull pit
Full grip on lock
Never I won’t stop
They try to tell me otherwise
I see the doubt in their eyes
That’s only hatred
Watch out for the fake shit
Bitches say they love me
But I don’t need …
Know my next five
Block can’t leave the blind
You won’t understand it
Rewind it some other time
Cause I’m not in the shift
And this is a menace
Feeling like The Hulk off a twelve pack of Guinness
On right now like damn nigger wow
That freckled face nigger got so much style
Yea I can’t lie I’ll be swaging to the max
But fuck that back to murdering this track
I’m Hannibal Lector eating this beat
So the Loch Ness monster
Bitch I’m on the creek
And I’m all …
Yea I’m going for the kill
Hunt for the brain head-shot just for the thrill
Got some niggers down south and they say the boy trill
That’s the homies back east and they say the boy ill
And my people up north yea they ought know the deal
So it’s safe to say that I’m loaded with the skill
Crazy insane you can keep the face
Still lappin’ these hoes like Prefontaine
Toll breaks on spot so we going non-stop
Put a eight in the sky I ain’t never wanna drop
Twenty nine boy this is just the beginning
I pray every day but I can’t stop sinning
Cause I keep killing all these weak ass rappers
I’m like the morgue when it comes to closing their chapters
Another one down but it’s still geez up
You can put me in Alaska I’ll never freeze up
… pretty strong
My dick kinda long
So I stick in the earth and fuck this bitch till I’m gone

Nigger I’m hungry
Loch Ness Monster

This one for y’all motherfuckers out there
Requesting that you know what I’m saying
What I’ve been doing this shit
You know what I mean?
What you doing?
You better record it
You know what I’m saying

Don’t ask me when the album coming out
Just know that I’m hungry and I’m heavy
Yea yea yea let’s go


- スポンサーリンク -