Dj Premier – We Are At War 歌詞 (ft. Bumpy Knuckl)

we we we are at war
we we we are at war
we we we are at war

that’s why i spit the G diverse
in my prime i still priming
gangsta with my rhymes
y’all nigga at 21 i stand firm
more G .. and more smarts
i built and ..bump loses is what you loses
but i got a different four cash you bastard
i won’t train to keep you ..
got knowledge from my .. more cure for sure
and shawty poppin shell ..
hands up like the your pocket cause it all stoppin
i use to be now i got a ..letter
i think the fans treat me better
these rap niggas say bump in a time five
will fuck you any time .. any slut why

we are are are that war
we we are at war

keep rocking
this .. i wanna snap
that everybody wanna feel
everybody love hip hop and play for you
loving the feelin top stealin
the fan thief the sound bite
so now you’re making an excuse
we all keep picking
you keep stealing i keep writing
and not biting
rock on ..we are at war
you know what it is
we are at war


- スポンサーリンク -