Hundred counting a hundred stacks with her titties out
I smoke into this nine fuck window
Platinum like in these cities down
I am talking plural more than one time
I got one I need two get three more nine
Control the whole grid
Got to make it real somehow
Full mill work the automobiles
In front of my house bitch know it nigger
If I say it’s going down you gon wait right here
fear the fall from the clouds
You got no idea what I’ve been through
Pay the cost to be this boss nigger
You see bitch so make room
Never mind I got walking clouds
That’s at my crib twice this size
What up county desk stack Jordan’s like ten side
Real music last forever this is how we never die
The hardest nigger spitting we the trillest crew in it
Just set motherfucker we been at it for a minute
No L’s on the record a few W’s pendant
Translation we winning nigger
Dropping cash on whatever fast
Ain’t tripping watch me make it back
Put some bars on the track
In return I get some racks
Stacks on stacks on stacks
Polo slacks on slacks on slacks
With the socks and the shirt that match
Cool cat with my bucket hat
Chill New Orleans nigger
Getting figures bitches fuck with that
I’m cooling out in Harlem
911 where my hustlers at
Laying in the trap
Roll the side walk out the path
Post it right in front of fifty
With the lot I know you hear me
Hall it back some other time
Not right now
I’m on my grind
I want what’s mine and that includes
What I’ve been do I’m overdue
The dollar signs diamond in the rough
But fuck it still I shine
Draped in the finest threads
Ralph Lauren design
Yea you see me getting to the money partner
I’m getting closer nigger closer
I’m running up it
The … and it’s screwing like a country crocket
We get that poet dropping
And the people steady copping
We keep it coming and it’s coming like it’s never stopping
I get the road the roller like construction in the open
I gotta plan a jet across the land and over oceans
I’m seeing money banks up in my vision like I’m loaded
That’s just how deep I’m in this shit that money taking over
I think I’m going loony give a fuck I’m staying focused
It’s hocus pocus bitch like I’ve been whipping in the kitchen
I’m on the mission for big banking like the television
It’s how your definition up in every bar met you
Nigger first class you don’t see me slipping on my …
I let my niggers smash on save no bitch
But now I’m like light up and blazed at yea
Mama say she wants a nigger who stay on his shit uh
And if that ain’t true what you call that?
Them hood hoes I got ‘em hood rich
They try to count my cash girl throw it back
I’m killing them niggers
Tell them go dig a ditch
And it was all good when it was all bad
Uh my uncle done 22 flat
By the time he made it home
His little nephew was grown
With intentions to blow the fuck up and put ‘em on
So I’m steady writing that L shit
And I make my meal ticket
Promethazine keep me tilting 6 50
When the clock struck seven I had 700 grams of sticky
Uh so when I’m in my zone please don’t tempt me
I’m close to the aerosol don’t push me


- スポンサーリンク -