Crooked I – C.O.B. Motto (The Motto Remix) 歌詞

Sut-sut is the motto
Spark up some loud, man, crack another bottle
COB deep in the streets like a pothole
You know who to follow
Crooked Intriago
[Verse 1]
You are now tuned in, the lens zoomed in
The cameras recording, my Concord Jordans
Move from the shoes to the Trues to the Gucci belt
COB shirt, then it move to the dude who the face of the West Coast
Let’s go get ‘em
Fresh flow kill ‘em
Less momentum for y’all
Beats, I vandalize them all
Should start writing rhymes with a Sharpie on your wall
Wanna ball how I ball?
Gotta trip Pau Gasol, that’s all
That means I’mma ball til I fall
Niggas mad they ain’t in my tax bracket
I take the high road, it lacks traffic
Gat pack is my bad habit
Still I jump in the cypher and backpack it, I’m that active
Versatility’s the verse abilities
Get money but learn humility, you feeling me? Church
I willingly work
You Little League niggas don’t know about them skirts
Who be feeling that purple pill in me
Head under her dress, fuck it, I’m wilding
Same reason that Mona Lisa was smiling
Top floor of the Ritz
I’m looking down at the roof of the Staples
Divide the truth from the fables, maybe
I’m signed to lucrative label
You become one of my stallions, your future is stable
I went from the train to the Bentley with the bucket seats
For fucking up rugged beats
Thugging in public streets
Love it when suckers speak
On the House Gang, you’ll be done in a couple weeks
Soon as the single drop
Go get the Beats by Dre speakerbox while we shine like the equinox
You need to not think we going soft, either
Keep a Glock, squeeze at you while your people watch
Told you it get greater later
Don’t be a David Stern — I mean a player hater
Wait up — let’s toast 2012
A shot of Ciroc for my people in the prison cell
Let’s toast 2012
A shot of Ciroc for my people in the prison cell, yeah
Free Tray Deee


- スポンサーリンク -