Cherlise – Butterflies 歌詞

I love the feeling of being in love
And starting over with somebody new
Starting over with something new
It’s a refreshing experience like no other
It’s ground zero at it’s finest moment
I know it took some time
For these words to leave my mouth
But ask for it, to myself
That I’ll never go, down this … of hurt again
Looking back over my past
I’m praying this time it’s different
Cause if not, it will be my last
It will be my very last, I’m feeling
And my last I’m dealing
With this funny little thing they call love
But … me waiting, my heart racing
I’m getting chills when I think about you
Cause boy you give me butterflies, inside
My baby gives me butterflies, inside
Now that I feel those butterflies,
I think it’s bout that time to say I love you
For the very first time boy, I love you, I do,
Yeah, yeah
So now, that you know.


- スポンサーリンク -