Cassidy – Do It Big ft Big Pun 歌詞

Let’s get it popping like a gun
I hustle cause I’m trying to bubble like gum
The kid do it big like pun
Cause I’m nice like Pac with the Pen
Let’s get it popping like a gun
I hustle cause I’m trying to bubble like gum
The kid do it big like pun
Cause I’m nice like B.I.G. with the Pen

Rest in peace Big Pun, free…
First of all, my verse is raw like some kind of sushi salute me
Cause you ain’t shit like you’re trying to dookie,
That’s hilarious, kinda goofy,
You kinda weak, I eat you like my mama coochy
Louie, Praga, Dolce & Gabana, Gucci
Close my bitch like them clothes don’t fit right
I don’t like my clothes to fit tight
Instead of follow fashion, I’d rather swallow a bottle of aspirin
Cause I never play follow the leader
I won’t follow, a follower,
You a leader, I won’t follow you neither
Yo, I know cowards eager to put hollows in my cesar
So I keep shells on me like a model of …
I shoot the led, you a super thug, I shoot you dead
Even super head don’t wanna swallow a hider, dick eater
I heard I talk violent in my raps too much
But I don’t think I talk violent in my raps enough
Cause yo, erywhere I go, somebody acting up
Plus my country is at war y’all boys track me up
Eyes with the troops in Irak man, they can back me up
I flew over there with the soldiers, holding they ratchets up
I took pictures in Sadam’s crib,
And you ain’t never leave the hood
You still living in your mom’s cribs
A couple times … in your baby mom’s crib
Cause she got the bomb head, that real hard to find head
Plus I fucked your little sister in your mom’s bed
And I think the girl you got now, I done knocked down
It’s like a hobby for me, but all these Buffy the bodies got too much body for me
Cause it’s thick, I take a girl that got a body for free

But see, soon as a bitch get some cash, she buy tits and ass
Man, them implants can’t make your pussy wetter
And them butt shots you got ain’t make your pussy better
My girl can’t just look anyway
But I’d rather take good pussy over good looks any day
That’s like a pretty car that you can’t ride in
I’d rather have an uglier car that I can drive in
Chicks get the … then get high
Until my eyes look like Rudolph’s nose
Smoking and drinking got me thinking all kind of thoughts
Like who would win the fight if Medea and Big Mama fought
Of course I spit flames, I know how a fire tastes
I’ve been the truth and I say it in your liars’ face
I burn the booth like it’s a fire place
But I ain’t even sweating
Life’s a gamble but you ain’t even betting
I’m bout to teach you a lesson
Time’s hard but I ain’t even stressing
I grind hard without even resting
I’m the best without even a question
You bout to be rest in the peace
My mouth piece is a lethal weapon
I’m who the streets respecting,
Hey yo, you know the story
I’m a poet, they sound like Pun ghostwrote it for me
Shawy, I don’t care who you name or who you get
I’m a lunatic, I’m a shark, and them niggas is tuna fish
I’m dope is like moving work when I move a verse
I push a button in my coupe and make the roof do the jerk
I’m the truth and that truth it hurt
Niggas hate cause I’m getting cake and they getting raped
They booty hurt,
Is you gonna try to shoot me or try to sue me first?
Am I gonna have to get my toy or get my lawyer, which one?
Dog as far as the bars, I will destroy you
It will be a real sight to see, a nigga nice as me
It’s like you might be a nice emcee
But I don’t think nobody living nicer with the mike than me.


- スポンサーリンク -