Brutha – Love Is 歌詞

what is love

can someone tell em what love really is
really is, what it is, what ti is
and how we can achieve it
i pray somewhere that this is
what love really is, really is
what it is, what it is
it’s ..will achieve it

love is kind, so kind
love is long sufferning but hard to find
love is not jealous and love just not brick
real love never post byt the thigns we have
and don’t be hate from’s own interests
it doesn’t become for .. even if you’ve been ancient
and no matter how you’ve been ancient
dont’ get count of the injury
and that’s what true love is


and love this ..happy when you see someone ..
.when you see someone .. cause love is real .
Some things that hope some thign s
so as long as we show lvoe to one another
we can go on ‘cause love never faisl

mothers and sisters if we just got along
adn we just ..we wouldnt’ be on the road

let’s open our hearts
feel it with love
if we do feel that
so what lvoe .. no matter what ..
..escape come from the ..

love is love
it is what ti is
it never stops but we don’t know if ..for kids
try love
before you think you do
you gotta try it love
love lvoe love love love ..

love is


- スポンサーリンク -